Fathers: From Breadwinners to Custody Winners

    In the past, mothers have generally gained child custody more often than fathers.
    Studies suggest this is because of a widely held notion that mothers and children
    have a more connected biological and nurturing relationship.

    That notion was likely fueled by the tradition of the stay-at-home mother. Gender
    roles are now changing, however, and they are different than they were a mere
    decade ago. And with today's unstable economy, those roles have been forced to
    change at an even more rapid pace.

    The Makeup of the Workforce

    The majority of the time, both mother and father have to work - financially, there is
    no other option. In 2008, the U.S. workforce included 68 million women, 75 percent
    of them working full time. This trend changes the traditional dynamic of the home,
    taking the stay-at-home mom out of the equation and giving children two working

    Today, even that dynamic is not a given. In the current U.S. work climate, it is lucky
    for both mother and father to hold a job; interestingly, men's unemployment rate is
    higher than women's. What the home is left with more frequently than ever is a stay-
    at-home dad with a working mom who is the primary breadwinner.

    The Effect on Child Custody Decisions

    This change in home, marriage and parenting dynamics is having an effect on
    family court and custody decisions. According to Working Mother Magazine, fathers
    are winning custody twice as often as they were 10 years ago.

    Experts suggest courts are awarding custody to fathers more often due to a change
    in father-child relationships - a change that has probably arisen from the changing
    economic and home environments. Fathers are generally more involved in the
    everyday care and nurturing of their children, a change that mitigates the previous
    belief that mother and child are more connected and important to each other.

    The more rewarding relationship between father and child, and the growing
    acceptance of that connection, also leads to more fathers to actively fight to gain
    child custody upon marital separation.

    So while little good news comes out of a recession, fathers fighting for custodial
    rights might be the beneficiaries of a silver lining. Florida family courts' primary goal
    is always to serve the best interests of the child, and often a father plays a
    significant role in fulfilling those interests. Courts are, thankfully, seeing that and
    ruling accordingly.

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