Military Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida

Military families face unique challenges when going through a divorce or dealing with other
family law matters. At the Law Offices of Kathryn S. Robbie, we are committed to helping
service men and women meet these challenges and find solutions that cater to their unique

With our firm, you get more than an experienced family law attorney. You also get
representation from someone who personally understands your situation.

Kathryn S. Robbie served in the US Navy from 1985-1989. She knows what it is like to
live on base and to be gone for extended periods of time for training or duty. She is
sensitive to the needs and concerns of both her military and non-military clients, providing
them with the guidance they need to resolve their issues effectively. Contact our office
today to speak with Ms. Robbie about your family law matter.

Military Divorce

When a couple decides to separate, the divorce typically is filed in the couple's state of
residence. If one or more spouses are in the military, this can be difficult to determine. For
instance, someone may claim his or her home state is Florida, but live on a base in Virginia.
In addition, if one spouse is overseas, judgments may be withheld until the spouse returns.
These are only some of the unique issues that arise in a military divorce.

Our firm understands all the laws and protections afforded to service men and women, as
well as the barriers faced during the divorce process. We are here to guide clients through
this difficult time.

Other Family Law Issues

In addition to military divorce, other family law issues require special attention when one or
both parties serve in the military:

Spousal support (alimony)
Child custody and visitation
Child support
Property division
Equitable division of property is one of the more complicated situations. A military pension is
an asset and thus is subject to division. However, that pension may provide the sole source
of income during retirement. We help protect the interests of our clients and work out
agreements that serve their needs.

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Military divorce can be a complex process, requiring creative solutions to family law matters.
At the Law Offices of Kathryn S. Robbie, we are experienced in handling complex issues in
all types of familial situations. Trust us to be strong legal advocates for your best interests.
Contact our military family law firm today.
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